Sachsenring Model and Telemetry Data: an exercise in overlaying data on a topographic track model

sachsenring_telemtryScott Jones over at PhotoGP posted a track map of Sachsenring with speed and gear selection (shown above) that he obtained from Yamaha.

I just released the new topographic Sachsenring track model (large version | small version) last night and thought it might look interesting to see how the telemetry matches up with the topographical portions of the track.

Basically, I took Scott’s map and overlaid it on top track portion of my model.  After some fiddling around to get the shapes to roughly match up I did a UV edit of the color map in Blender (a 3D CAD program) to see what the what the track would look like.

Sachensenrig_topographic_telemetry_05I think  it came out pretty cool!  I left off the speeds but I did use numbers to indicate the gear used.  The numbers read correctly as you “ride down the track.” It’s interesting to see that the 6th gear areas – the home straight and the back straight – are at inclines and declines respectively.  I bet if the turn before the back 6th gear straight were a little less pronounced that this would be the fastest part of the track since it would be downhill. (Though turn 13, the Sachen Kurve, would probably be pretty scary!)

The elevation change at this track is around 37 to 40 meters.  I can’t be completely accurate because I am just one guy with a limited budget and I don’t have access to the kind of data Yamaha/Honda/Ducati etc. have access too.  But my model is as accurate as I can get within my budget.  Also, these models are designed to be 3D printed so there’s the printer resolution to consider as well.

However, this topographic representation of Sachsenring + Scott’s telemetry data does give you a reasonable idea of the forces acting on the rider during a race.

Here are a few more renders.  Enjoy!

Sachensenrig_topographic_telemetry_04 Sachensenrig_topographic_telemetry_03 Sachensenrig_topographic_telemetry_02 Sachensenrig_topographic_telemetry_01

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