An official figurine commission for factory Aprilia MotoGP rider Alvaro Bautista!

Alvaro Bautista  is a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. He currently competes in the MotoGP class of the Grand Prix Motorcycle World Championship. He competed for the Suzuki team in his first two years since moving into the class in 2010. He moved to the Honda-equipped Gresini Racing team starting in the 2012 season and continued with the team to race Aprilia machinery when the factory returned to MotoGP racing for the 2015 season. He currently races for the factory Aprilia team for 2016 as well.


In May I was contacted by a member of Alvaro’s team to make a mini replica of the rider!  I am CRAZY about MotoGP so this was a dream come true. I didn’t even believe it at first.  Such a great opportunity meant that this figurine had to be perfect. To make sure,  I teamed up with my friend Alex Ophuizen of Mini 3D-Drivers. He has a passion for Formula 1 and makes the coolest F1 inspired mini-figurines. We worked together for a while tweaking the model and the placement of colors, graphics, and logos. Mini Alvaro traveled over the Atlantic from the US to The Netherlands and back many times before we finally got him just right.  Mini Alvaro is probably just as well traveled as the real Alvaro!

I sent a batch over to Alvaro to check out and was so excited when I got a message back from him saying how happy he was with the figurine and that we should crank up production.  It’s so cool to think that a figurine that I helped design is in the hands of a real MotoGP rider!  I’m still over the moon about the whole thing.

mini alvaro bautista mini alvaro bautista mini alvaro bautista mini alvaro bautista

Mini Alvaro is 3D printed in full color “sandstone” and coated in wax to protect the color and make it water resistant. Alvaro will be giving these little figurines out to fans, sponsors, etc. It was one of my dreams to work with a real MotoGP team to make an official mini figurine and now that has come true! Alvaro and his team were really nice and awesome to work with.


Hopefully this will be the start of many official MotoGP mini figurines and of more collaborations between 3D-Racetracks and Mini 3D Drivers.

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