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PITTSBURGH, PA March 10, 2015 / 3D Racetracks, designer of 3D printed race track sculptures you can hold “in the palm of your hand,” is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Nürburgring.  Four of it’s Nordschleife track sculptures are now officially licensed Nürburgring products – including the unique topographic models, a design only available through 3D Racetracks.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Jeremy Burnich, owner of 3D Racetracks. “As a fan of motorsports and as an entrepreneur, it doesn’t get much better than this. To be working with an iconic venue like Nürburgring is as much an honor as it is exciting.”

“Not only to have the first 3D printed item to be officially licensed by a major racing venue, but have it licensed by the Nürburgring is beyond words. When I started 3D Racetracks I never imagined that something I made would be available for purchase in Germany in the paddock store at the ‘Ring.” 

“I want to thank the folks at Nürburgring. Especially Phillip Greiner and his team. They were incredibly enthusiastic about my miniature version of their track. I was also impressed by their willingness to work with “just a guy with a computer and a passion for motorsport” which is what I told them when they approached me about a possible licensing arrangement.

The models will be produced by Shapeways in their state of the art “factory of the future.”

“We love to see the designs our community bring to life through 3D printing, and are thrilled that 3D Racetracks is being given the chance to work with Nürburgring to showcase these great tracks, ” Natalia Krasnodebska, Shapeways Community Manager said. “We hope seeing an organization like Nürburgring support the endeavors of independent designers encourages more brands to embrace the creativity of their fans and the potential for collaboration.”

“Using Shapeways to produce my models gave Nürburgring the confidence to know that I could deliver a great product,” explains Burnich.  “I have a long standing and positive relationship with Shapeways.  I know that they can ramp up production, like around May when the 24 Hours of Nürburgring takes place. I know they can produce quality models consistently.  It’s great to have that sort of confidence in a manufacturing partner, especially for a customer as important as Nürburgring.”

“This is just the beginning.  I plan to develop even more unique Nürburgring products.  And hopefully the success of this endeavor will lead to similar relationships with racing venues around the world.”


Nürburgring North Loop models will be available at the Online Nürburgring Store and in their paddock shop.  They are also available to purchase directly from 3D Racetracks store on Shapeways. The models come in multiple sizes and materials including a full color sandstone and various finishes of steel.

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3D Racetracks is a small Pittsburgh based enterprise with a passion for all things motorsport and 3D printing.  Our goal: design and market the best 3D printed racetracks in the world. Our track sculptures are original designs 3D printed with the latest commercial 3D printers by Shapeways. 3D Racetracks wants you to “hold your favorite track in the palm of your hand.”


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Located in the beautiful Eifel region, the legendary Nürburgring race track is one of the ten most popular national monuments in Germany, according to a Forsa survey. The Nordschleife is a legendary race track. It is also called the “Green Hell” because of its highly demanding routing. Visitors can experience this legend up close and explore the Nordschleife with their own cars or motorbikes during the tourist drive sessions. The 20.8 km track with its 73 turns, treacherous crests and steep grades poses a special challenge to people’s driving skills. It hosts multiple races including the famous 24 Rennen Nürburgring.

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Shapeways is the leading 3D printing marketplace and community, empowering designers to bring amazing products to life. By giving anyone the ability to quickly and affordably turn ideas from digital designs into real products, Shapeways is fundamentally changing how products are made and by whom. Headquartered in New York, Shapeways has factories and offices in Eindhoven, Queens, and Seattle. Shapeways is a spin-out of the lifestyle incubator of Royal Philips Electronics, and our investors include Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Lux Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz.

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