Special MotoAmerica Racetracks

You all know that I love motorcycles and motorcycle racing.
During the season I will watch MotoGP religiously – pre-event conference, free practice sessions, qualifying and finally the race.  I will stay up late or get up early so I can watch proceedings live.
This passion for motorcycle racing lead me to create 3D-Racetracks – the only place where you can get miniature topographic versions of your favorite track.   My hope is that 3D-Racetracks will eventually be available in all paddock shops around the world.  The sale of each track mini also helps defray the cost of visiting my seeing races. Hopefully I’ll sell enough to be able to see each and every race on the MotoGP calendar. (It’s a nice dream)

So imagine my surprise and delight when this little venture lead MotoAmerica to contact me!

I was asked to make some custom versions of my topographic tracks for the official MotoAmerica Track Guide – the guide that will be given out at every race of the 2016 season.  It was such an amazing opportunity and I’m so proud to have some of my work associated with the organization that is bringing motorcycle racing back to it’s glory in the United States.

Below are the track renders that you will see grace the 2016 MotoAmerica Track Guide!

visit MotoAmerica at www.motoamerica.com

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3 opinions on “Track Elevations for MotoAmerica!”

  1. I didn’t think there was someone out there as sick as me. Lol. I also stay up Thurs -Sunday to watch all press conferences, free practices and warm ups and races live even though I work a full day at U. P. S. as a driver on Fridays. I love motorcycle racing! Period! I also love your Tracks. Will they be available for purchase this year at WSBK @ Laguna. I work there as a saftey responder on the CORKSCREW and would love to see and purchase your art work? I also have the same dream as you. I’ll be retiring in 6 yrs and want to travel with MotoGP. ( it’s a AWESOME Dream! )

    1. Thank man! I wish I could be at Laguna for WorldSBK and MotoAmerica this year but unless I sell many many many tracks, it’s not gonna happen. But, you might be able to see my special edition Laguna Seca track that I made for Pirelli. They ordered a bunch and it’s my understanding that they will be giving some away to some people at the WorldSBK race. The tracks are also available on the web store here and on the 3D printing marketplace Shapeways.

      Hopefully I’ll run into you on a MotoGP circuit one of these days!

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